Tuesday, 7 June 2022

Everyone In My Family Has Killed Someone

 Everyone In My Family Has Killed Someone

Benjamin Stevenson

Reviewed by Helen

This is fun, witty and a very different murder mystery, reading the prologue had me smiling and eager to get started and meet the Cunningham family and the narrator Ernest Cunningham, Ern is a writer of books who help authors write mystery and crime stories, this shows throughout the book, but his family is a mystery, come along for the Cunningham family reunion and see if you can uncover the mystery through many plots even the ones with big holes.

Ern calls himself a reliable narrator and he is quite open with his honesty throughout the book, one thing he is not looking forward to is this family reunion, the family is made up of some very different people who all have different ideas about the past and the now. They all are heading for snow country and when a storm arrives and a dead body is found Ern is not impressed especially as the dead body tally adds up.

But there is a lot to uncover for this family going back thirty five years and much conflict abounds in the telling of this story, as we get to know the family I thoroughly enjoyed this story and would highly recommend it to any reader who loves a good mystery, I was guessing till the very end, this is a very entertaining book.

My thanks to the publisher for my copy to read and review.

4 stars
Published March 29th 2022 by Penguin Random House Australia