Monday, 11 May 2020

The Switch

The Switch

Beth O'Leary

The Switch by Beth O'Leary

Reviewed by Helen

I loved this story so much, truly it made me laugh out loud and yes I cried as well, when you lose someone that you love people react differently and when the Cotton family suffer a loss Grandmother Eileen and granddaughter Leena decide that a switch in their lives might be just the thing to get everyone back on track or will they find the new me.

Leena is in a high powered position in a company working in London she has a boyfriend Ethan, but life isn’t going as well as it was for Leena and she is ordered to take a two month sabbatical from work and she decides that a trip to her grandmother’s house in a small village in the Dales of Yorkshire will hopefully get her back to normal.

Eileen is nearly eighty years, she is now a single woman and decides that she just may want to see if she can find love again and when her granddaughter Leena arrives in the village they think it might be a good idea if they swap lives for a while, and Eileen is off to London and Leena stays put in the village and takes over the things that her grandmother normally does.

Eileen arrives in London and starts looking for a man and online dating is just what she needs, with the help of Leena’s flat mates Eileen is finding her way around the site and some men that are very interesting, meanwhile back in Hamleigh in Harksdale Leena is learning a lot about the neighbours and their gossip and the dynamics of running a May Day festival with a lot of the locals who are set in their ways, there is much laughter and there is also Jackson the handsome school teacher.

MS O’Leary has written a fabulous story that has a lot of emotions throughout she has also bought into the story some issues about loneliness, grief, and things that can affect everyone but there was so much laughter and love flowing through as well, I loved Eileen and Leena what fabulous characters they are honest and true to life, they are strong and caring. Leena finds it hard with her relationship with Ethan from this distance and discovers that life and love can be found in this small village, and Eileen helps so many people while in London and finds that home is where she really wants to be.

I loved The Flatshare and was eagerly awaiting MS O’Leary’s next book and it is a big hit with me, this is one that I would highly recommend, it was such a fun read with honest feelings running through the storyline, it left me feeling very happy such a fabulous ending I am sre any reader will be smiling at the end.

5 stars

Published April 28th 2020 by Hachette Australia

Friday, 16 August 2019

What Happens Now

What Happens Now

Sophia Money-Coutts

What Happens Now? by Sophia Money-Coutts

Reviewed by Helen

Oh there are so many laugh out loud moments in this story that I had family members looking at me strangely while reading this one, this is MS Money-Coutts second book and I will be adding the first one to my to read list, I really enjoyed getting know Lil and her fabulous friends and family and of course Max.

Lil Bailey is a teacher at a private boys school in London and she has recently been dumped by her boyfriend of eight years for a younger woman he works with, so it is time for Lil to get back in the dating scene using a dating app she is only thirty one and her first date is mountaineer Max, gorgeous Max and after a few drinks at the pub she goes home with him and spends a fabulous night with him, next morning he leaves her a note and is gone. Six weeks later Lil finds herself pregnant.

It is decision time for Lil what to do? she has a fabulous family and awesome friends and she decides that yes she can do this. She needs to get touch with Max and let him know but he seems to be ignoring her and then she finds out that he is the famous explorer Max Rushbrooke son to Lord and Lady Rushbrooke things just keep on spiraling along for Lil.

Max what can I say gorgeous and always looking for the next mountain to climb, he too has recently broken up with his partner of many years and his family is a little different, but he is not entirely happy with the news that he is going to be a father at first, but spending time with Lil on his return to England just might be changing his mind.

Spending time with Lil and her friends Jess and Clem, was lots of fun, I really liked Lil’s take on life she is strong and fun and really made me laugh and I think it is time that Max found some real happiness and Lil is the person to do that. I loved the friendships in this story as well, true friends are like diamonds and Lil has some of those that she can laugh and cry with. I do recommend this one, very enjoyable and very entertaining and with a good dose of sensual relationship thrown in.

4 stars

Expected publication: August 22nd 2019 by HQ

Saturday, 29 June 2019

The Bad Mothers' Book Club

The Bad Mothers' Book Club

Keris Stainton

The Bad Mothers' Book Club by Keris Stainton

Reviewed by Helen

This is the first book I have read from this author and it won’t be the last, I decided to read this one because I really liked the blub and I am so glad I did, this is a fun and moving story with characters that all had different personalities and wants yet melded well together for a page turning fun read.

Emma Chance and her husband and kids have moved to West Kirby, Liverpool for a change that should have them all enjoying life more, and Emma is really looking forward to making new friends when the kids start at the new school, but the first day turns out so good because of the dog.

Jools Jackson has it all a handsome footballer husband three beautiful daughters and even picks the kids up from school dressed to the nines, she also runs an exclusive book club once a month invitation only, life seems too good for Jools to everyone else.

When Emma is invited through their husbands to join the book club all hell breaks out at the second meeting, there is lots of wine involved and Emma is thrown out Emma and her close friends Beth and Hanan decide to start their own book club with lots of different rules to Jools’s one.

There are lots of laughs through this story but there are also lots of moving and emotional bits as well as these woman Emma, Jools, Maggie, Eve, Flic, Beth and Hanan journey through life with kids and husbands and making things work and keeping everyone happy. This is a book that I do recommend, I thoroughly enjoyed it, very entertaining.
4 stars

Expected publication: April 28th 2020 by Trapeze

Saturday, 2 February 2019

99 Percent Mine

99 Percent Mine

Sally Thorne

99 Percent Mine by Sally  Thorne

Reviewed By Helen

This is my first Sally Thorne book, I didn’t read The Hating Game although it is one my TBR pile and I will read it, I found it a bit hard to get into this book the heroine Darcy and I didn’t gel I found her hard to like, but there will be lots of people that will like her, she is feisty and out there and has been in love with the hero Tom forever and I did love Tom.

Darcy Barrett has travelled the world settling down is not for her, but when her and her twin brother are left their grandmother’s house with strict instructions to renovate and sell, Darcy is home and fighting with her twin brother Jamie and then enters Tom Valeska, who really has been part of the family since they were all eight years old, and the sparks fly in so many ways because for Darcy Tom must be off limits to her, or will working together change all of that?

Tom was practically taken in by the Barrett family when he was eight years old and Jamie is his best friend, he has been engaged for years but is now running his own renovation company and is starting work for Darcy and Jamie, keeping his mind on the job and not Darcy is going to be hard for him, and he is keeping secrets from Darcy but his heart is beating for her and her only.

This is a fast paced story with a lot going on, not just renovations Darcy and Tom are having a hard time keeping their feelings from each other and Tom is so protective of her that they are pushing each other’s buttons, but when they open up about their love they fall into each other’s arms spectacularly. There are a lot of characters in this story that are really good and added a lot to the story and if you love a good romance then this one will be for you.

3/5 stars

Published January 29th 2019 by William Morrow Paperbacks

Saturday, 21 January 2017

In At The Deep End

In At The Deep End

Penelope Janu

In at the Deep End by Penelope Janu

Reviewed by Helen

This is a story about two strong willed people who both have strong environmental views and both do what they can to help "save the world". Harriet Scott or Harry as she is known to her friends grew up travelling the world with her famous parents but when tragedy strikes when she is a young girl her life is turned upside down and she is cared for buy good friend and fellow environmentalist Drew whom she will do anything to protect.

Per Amundsen is a Norwegian naval commander he is a total control freak and when he meets Harry well sparks fly because the meeting is filled with lots of tension as he is trying to save her life in The Antarctic and when The Scott Foundations ship The Watch is lost well it appears that these two very different people are going to be thrown together in their journey to get funding for a new ship and a path to a HEA.

This story has a cast of characters that add to the storyline they are fun and there are some very moving parts in the story as Par insists that Harry learn to swim but this is a very hard task for Harry after the tragedy in Brazil and Par is nothing if not such a control freak but Harry is a spitfire and she stands her grown but does what she knows she needs to do. I enjoyed this one their path to a HEA is an up and hill one their banter will have you smiling and groaning (in a good way) at times and of course there is lots of sensual sparks to push them together a good fun story.

4/5 stars for a fun story

Expected publication: January 23rd 2017 by Harlequin

Sunday, 1 January 2017

I Was A Bitch by Emily Ruben

Reviewed by Nas Dean

I WAS A BITCH by author Emily Ruben is October 2016 publication by Inkitt Publishing.

When Lacey Jones wakes up in a hospital bed, she is disorientated. But what she doesn’t realize at first is she was in a coma for two months so thinking that she has lost two months of her life at sixteen. Then she is told that she is eighteen and not sixteen. So where has the past two years of her life memories gone to?

There were two boys in love with her, who was her boyfriend from them both? Then she finds out all these little things about herself and knows that she was not a nice person at eighteen. But how can she move forward now?

I WAS A BITCH is an interesting read. It shows how our perspective in life changes without us realizing what we are doing. As Lacey realizes how she changed herself to take advantage of some opportunities in life, she also realizes that what she had done was wrong. Her whole outlook in life was based on lies.

Recommended read for teens and adults too for life lessons we get from this story. 


Monday, 6 April 2015

A Painful Ordeal by Aditi Chopra

Another piece of NRI (Non-Resident Indian) fiction from an NRI author.  Aditi Chopra’s fiction is incredibly simple and at the same time, incredibly deep. It gives an insight into the life of the Indian diaspora, particularly the US based NRIs.  This particular piece is not a romance, unlike the previously published works of this author.  It’s no less compelling, however.

Sexual harassment is very subtle and often imperceptible to those who are not the recipients.  This makes it extremely difficult to report and get justice for such incidents.  Only when the victims come together to raise their voice can there be any justice shown.  This is the message of this book.  I enjoyed reading about Namrata’s plight and the sudden twist that made it possible for her to seek and get justice.

Another extremely interesting and enjoyable piece of fiction by a writer whom I’ve come to admire a lot.

I received a review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Get it here:  Amazon