Sunday, 10 October 2021

The Shadow of Daph

 The Shadow of Daph

Daphne Jones Mysteries #2

Phillipa Nefri Clark

Reviewed by Helen

Book two in this fabulous new series and it was such a great read, I love Daphne Jones and her husband John, they are so easy to get along with as they travel around country Victoria in their caravan Bluebell so Daph can perform marriages and funerals in her role as celebrant sleuth because as Daph and John have found out that sadly there seems to be a murder mystery or two to solve on the way, come along for a witty and fabulous journey.

Daph and John have arrived in a small town Shady Bend to perform a funeral for local woman Edwina, this town is known for its crafts, preserves, local produce and a beautiful garden or two, but when they discover that the casket is empty and Edwina is missing this is not what Daph was hoping for seeing as she made this stop to perform this funeral as a special request on their way to officiate at a wedding.

Things get worse when two more people die and Daph’s suspicions grow as to how they died and on more uncovering there are lots of secrets and plans for uncovering a secret recipe that add to the mystery. Daph and John are very impressed with the local police officer Adam and are soon taking notes and digging deep into this strange town and the people who live here and as the mystery grows John is also researching his own mystery that is hopefully going to make Daph happy.

This really is another great cozy mystery, Daph is such a great sleuth, caring and meticulous with her research into uncovering the culprit, this one had me thinking I can tell you, there are so many great characters and anyone of them could have been the killer, but Daph and John nailed it and their help was much appreciated. This one had such a great ending as well and of course I do look forward to the next adventure with Daph and John.

I do highly recommend this book and the series if you are looking for a totally enjoyable story that is witty and fabulous, I loved it, MS Nefri Clark writes such awesome characters and stories it is like being with family.

My thanks to the author for my digital copy to read and review.

5 stars
Expected publication: October 12th 2021 by Amazon Digital Services