Saturday, 1 March 2014

The Red Hot Chili Cook Off by Carolyn Brown

Reviewed by Desere

For myself I'm not a major fan of watching movies or series on television, I find that books are simply so much more fun and intense and just give me a thrill that I cannot live without.

But every now and then I do find a good comedy to watch, but sadly none have ever given me all that I want, and I realize that the life of books is always better. The new Carolyn Brown book has proven that over and over again.

This book left me in stitches, laughing out loud and left with happy tears streaming down my face and yes afterwards thinking just how much fun it would be to live inside this crazy world of these characters.

The book tells the story of Carlene, she is the co-owner of Bless My Bloomers. A lingerie shop making customized little scarps of lace for woman who need that little bit of extra spice in their lives. But she comes face to face with one pair of very sexy red -lace panties stashed away in her husband's briefcase. She knows she made them, but she sure as heck did not make them for her personal use.

She quickly forms a plan to bring down her no good cheating husband to his knees and regret the day he ever tried to take he on. You see Lenny, or as I like to call him Mr Can't keep it in his pants, has been champion of the Chilly Cook Off for ten years, but this year she will crush him.

She pulls in the help of her family and so begins the crazy fun story of how one woman goes from red hot love for her husband to red hot conquer, destroy walk away happy mode. I realize that it sounds a little bit too much like the revenge of a woman scorned, but as the story develops one sees this amazing story of leaning to accept and let go unfolding.

I loved this book so, so, so much I honestly could not put it down, it was so funny and my insides truly hurt from all the laughing yet the more I read the more I laughed and the more I could not stop reading!

An amazing story of how family and friends can be the backbone you need when you know you have to be brave yet looking brave is always easier than actually being brave. And how no matter what happens family will always be there for you, they will love you just as you are.

I highly recommend this read for any fan of reading. It was fun, fresh and hilarious and offered me the perfect escape into a world of laughter. The author showed that laughter is the best medicine and a sure fire cure for the toughest of challenges in life.

5/5 star review
" Red hot takes on a whole new meaning"