Saturday, 1 March 2014

The Chick Lit Cook Book by Alicia de los Reyes

It’s a writing craft book.  And a delicious one at that.  What  aspiring women’s fiction author could ask for a more delicious treat than a writing craft book which treats the art of creating chick lit books to baking cupcakes?  It’s very inspiring and creative, crammed with useful tips for creating your magnum opus.  I felt all inspired and now I feel like giving fellow Irish woman Marian Keyes a run for her money.  Writing women’s fiction has never looked so appealing.

A perfect gift for yourself if you are an aspiring chick lit author.  Or for a friend who is one.

So when I clear my pending projects, I’ll be writing my chick lit novel.  And I shall dedicate it to Alicia de los Reyes.  Thanks for this super book, Alicia.  Would love to read more writing craft from you.