Sunday, 23 February 2014

The Venetian Awakening by A.T Hills

The Venetian Awakening

Reviewed by Desere

This was such a crazy fun read with a look into what happens when a person's perfect life as we know it comes tumbling down.

The read tells of Milly and once her hotter than hot, sexier than sex boyfriend reveals his new predilection her world tuns upside down.

But along with the shock of it all, comes the knowing that her girlfriends are always there for her and through consuming large amounts of alcohol, nibbling away at stuff you know will go straight to the hips and pouring her heart out she soon realizes everything happens for a reason.

This was a really fun read, it started out a little slow but once it hit chapter two things really started to blend very nicely. I laughed and cried during various times of the read, and I loved how the author showed that no matter how bad things may seem our friends are always there to help us.

And judging someone for something they simply cannot help is so very wrong, rather embrace it and remember that once upon a time that person was still your friend and not just a passer by in the street.

A really very lovely read that I will recommend for anyone out there looking for a little something different, upbeat yet emotional and even though the blurb might sound cheesy it is anything but!

4.5 Star review
" The bonds of friendship is always stronger"