Wednesday, 14 March 2012

To Build a Man by Talli Roland

Review by Nas

 Build A Man

 BUILD A MAN is from author Talli Roland.

Serenity Holland works as a receptionist at a plastic surgeon's clinic and hates her job. She also loathes all the Botox receiving patients who look down on her.

Her dream job, for which she left US and came to London is to become a reporter for a large tabloid. But this job is not easy to come by. Then in walks Jeremy Ritchie, who was snubbed by a woman. He wants a complete changeover.

Serenity takes this as a stroke of luck and starts penning his story for an online column. To Build a Man column is born.

Readers take polls as to which shape Jeremy should change to. Without Jeremy's knowledge because Serenity is undercover. In a word, she lied to get Jeremy to spill his guts to her about his background. And she lies to her boyfriend, the surgeon, Peter. With whom she lives.

What will happen when all these lies catch up with Serenity? When Peter comes to know of her column about his clients? And what about when Jeremy finds out that she's been feeding a column about his personal background?

Jeremy goes to surgery but has allergic reaction to anesthetic and is in coma. Will he recover? Will Serenity go ahead and write about him in her column?
Build a Man was the first novel I read from author Talli Roland but it will definitely not be my last. I loved her writing style. It seemed she wrote about real people in real situation. I didn't like boring Peter right from the start and later find out that Serenity and her best friend Kirsty also don't like him. But Talli wrote Peter's character not to be liked. So it's a perfect example of good writing. It was fast paced. You will keep wanting to flip pages to find out what happens next. There are no boring parts which you'd want to skip.
 Build a Man is a quick, fast, entertaining read which I highly recommend. The premise is exciting and the plot keeps you involved.

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