Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Sister Pact by Ali Hearn and Ros Baxter

Review by Nas

SISTER PACT by authors Ali Ahearn and Ros Baxter is a May 2012 release by Harper Collins Publishers.

Frances and Joni’s grandmother dies leaving them one million pounds each in her will. But her condition is that they have to participate in a reality show- Endurance Island. She herself had been a game show addict.

Frances and Joni had been estranged for the last seven years. But why were these two sisters no longer on talking terms? Who had come between them?

They take part in the game show. The challenges are humiliating but they manage to survive it. And they begin to get on together for the first time in seven years, yet they don’t touch on the subject which split them in the first place. After getting through the grueling challenges at the Endurance Island, they face some surprises.

Will a surprise confession from Frances husband, Edward, bring these two sisters together?

SISTER PACT depicts the unique bond of sisters. How sisters would eventually forgive each other anything and how they unite if one is threatened. These authors, Ali Ahearn and Ros Baxter brought amazing atmospheric details to the story. It is liberally spiced with humor, pathos and heartfelt emotion. The two sisters facing the chalenges in the game show scenes are full of action, drama and danger. It makes for a fun and thrilling read!

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