Monday, 14 March 2011

Craving Perfect by Liz Fichera

Review by Nas

CRAVING PERFECT by author Liz Fichera is a fantastic escape!

I was completely blown away by Grace Mill's run on the treadmill and she went to the gym just to ogle Max's hot body! Well a girl has to have an inspiration to lose weight.

Imagine a girl rewarding herself strawberry scones after a vigorous workout. But she was craving the perfect body and the perfect man.

And when she got her perfect body she found out that she could never eat enough. Her favourite occupation of baking was not of use to her after getting her perfect body.

Guess what? She also found out that Max was not so perfect after all.

Craving Perfect is a lovely story of sisterly love and responsibilities and of getting what you crave for.

Liz Fichera did a fascinating job with this story. It is liberally spiced with humor, pathos and heartfelt emotion. It is potrayed with vivid atmospheric details. I felt myself in the Java Cafe Grace ran with her sister Kathryn and could taste the coffee!

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