Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Shopaholic to the Stars by Sophie Kinsella

    Shopaholic to the Stars (Shopaholic, #7)

Reviewed by Desere

Becky Brandon has stars in her eyes, why ? Because she's on her way to LA, her darling Luke has just landed the task of helping to manage the career of the one and only famous Sage Seymour.

Becky is 100 % sure she's meant to be Sage's new stylist, but then suddenly she joins the team of Sage's rival and dreads poor old , hard working , dedicated Luke's reaction.

I mean come on, what do you tell a A list celebrity when she leans your wife is working for her rival whist you're employed by her? Can you say mixed up ?!

This was my first time reading this author and it was quite the adventure. Afterwards I learned that this was a series, and I will say I felt a little lost in the read, as if there was some joke I missed, so word to the wise if you have not read the other books do that first before picking up this one.

Now even with my little lost feelings, I still very much enjoyed this read. It was one heck of a wild crazy adventure. I will also add that the book is not exactly overly intellectual, more of a just plain and fun read for the wild at heart, you know the kind that reminds you of a tv show that kind of goes from this looks exciting to okay so far so good to really did that really just happen?

The character of Becky was a little to selfish to my liking and I more than once wished I could climb inside the book and give her a good slap!

The character of Luke was really great, I very much enjoyed his spirit and spunk! The secondary characters were well written and the plot generally well messed together.

This is a read for those that love a little sparkle in life but with not too much seriousness.

4.5 star review
" Shop till you drop in LA they say, but what to do when the bomb drops instead?"

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