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Ditzabled Princess by Jewel Kats

Reviewed by TashNz
A collage of pages from
Ditzabled Princess

Ditzabled Princess is a hilarious collection of comic strips based on Jewel Kats, an established author, comic strip writer and in my opinion all round truly inspirational person.

Firstly I must say based on the cover I would not be able to resist picking up Ditzabled Princess if I walked past it in a book shop. The cover is bright, friendly and girly and it just begs to be picked up. The hot-pink crutch also catches my eye and I immediately realized the play on words with Ditzabled. My curiosity was totally captured.

Once I opened it up I found a colourful, hilarious and completely engaging comical diary; which turn out to be a collection of comics based on the life of Jewel Kats and the people in her life which include Hubby, BFF, Mom, Baby -Sis to name a few.

I could not put it down, I laughed and giggled and chuckled away. The comics were short and to the point. Although I'm an able-bodied person I could understand Jewel's comics and the musings she shares about what a day in her life incurs.

I enjoyed the comic strips so much I wanted to learn more about Jewel Kats and understand her I had to look her up and I've discovered she's a -mazing and a truly inspirational. During my journey around the interweb I must share this fantastic link I have found which I will be keeping in my favorite's file. This is also a brilliant taste of what to expect in the Ditzabled Princess.

Also, if anyone out there reading this can help Jewel with her dream of creating a doll based on Cinderella's Magical Wheelchair please, please get in touch with her.

Finally, this was my first introduction to Jewel Kats, I feel better off for having read Ditzabled Princess and for discovering a fantasitcally inspirational person and I will be keeping a close eye on the new comics published.

Ditzabled Princess WILL be staying on my coffee table to share with my friends.Find out more about Jewel here: and here at Facebook

Reviewed by Desere

I have very often looked at people with disabilities that have become great sport hero's, or actors. I see these people as true living proof that all can be done, overcoming their disabilities and making the most of it.

One such person is author Jewel Kats, even though she has a disability she has taken it and turned her life into a real everyday rocking it out party!

In her book Ditzabled Princess she showed me as reader that there is nothing you cannot do, and living everyday to the fullest, even though some of your actions may drive those around you crazy, it is all about having fun!

This was a very short read coming in at 69 pages, mostly filled with the most entertaining pictures and one liner sentences, and I read it in under just 15 min.

You might be thinking that is too short and pictures why would anyone read a book similar to a comic strip, well I can tell you that the reason is a fantabulous hot pink, awesome, partylicious reason, you will walk away with a very powerful message. And what is most awesome, is that the author managed to give me as reader such a powerful message by hardly saying anything at all. Now that is talent!

The message that will stay with you for the rest of your life,... "I can do this, no matter what seems to be in my way, I CAN DO THIS"

The author shows courage and a lot of glamour, and does so with more flair than fireworks at any showdown not to mention humour lots and lots of humour!

Ladies this is the type of woman who would be BFF to anyone and I tell you I would be tickled pink to have her as my friend, for I know I would not have one dull moment EVER!

I highly recommend this read for all lovers of reading, for those seeking something new, fun and fresh for their reading senses and for anyone and every one that has ever had some kind of disability or knows someone that does. You will get a message either way ! I look forward to her next book!

Excellent work Jewel, please keep writing !
5/5 star review
"  Rocking disability the DIVA-licious way!

Reviewed by Nas
DitzAbled Princess: A Comical Diary Inspired by Real Life

DitzAbled Princess, A Comical Diary by author Jewel Kat is March 2013 release by Marvelous Spirit Press.

It is hilarious comic strip detailing the writer's life as a disabled but strong-willed heroine. She gets everyone to do her bidding and in general acts a diva.

I loved reading the one-liners and the strips. It showed the vulnerability underneath our heroine's tough exterior. Yet she shows determination and courage despite her disability. A true hero!

Jewel Kat's wit and humor shows through her writing. All readers would take away courage and determination for their own shortcomings after reading DitzAbled Princess, A Comical Diary.

Highly recommended for readers everywhere!

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Reviewed by Maria

This reality comic is a refreshing read.  Author Jewel Kats is the main character in the book and it centers on her lifestyle.  She's one of these ultra feminine girly types who's probably never seen without her lipstick, quite unlike yours truly.  The fact that she is a person with disabilities is hardly a fly in the ointment of her life.  This is an honest and humorous look at the life of a woman with disabilities.

You see, in modern society, we are now aware that there are many minorities, groups of people who suffer from discrimination.  Who are those minorities?  Religious minorities, racial minorities, sexual minorities - even women, as they suffer a lot from discrimination just because they are women.  Well, people with disabilities (PWD) are a  minority group too.  Up until the present day, people never considered the PWD when creating new buildings. This was why many PWD were unable to get jobs.  So many buildings are inaccessible.  Yet people who are fully enabled tend to forget that they too could be disabled one day. The world doesn't only belong  to those who have all their faculties to use. Every single person should be enabled and empowered to live the life of their choice to their fullest potential.  A person with a disability, provided he/she  has full access to the things he/she needs, is not a sad case with a tragic life. This is an empowered person with great hope and a great future.

Jewel oberves her life  with a frank sense of humor.  When she claims that disabilities come with princess rights, you know she's not joking.  If she has to enter an inaccessible building, she demands the right to be carried in if necessary.  Now, that's attitude.  She must use an elbow crutch and hers is shocking pink.  Now there's style.  I am not particularly interested in Jewel's trademark style, it wouldn't suit me at all.  But I love the fact that Jewel carries her particular version of style off with such panache.

'Ditz' is a word in common north American parlance which means a girl full of frills and frivolity.  I think the word may have Yiddish origin (like 'chutzpah'), though I could be mistaken.  But there's one thing I'm not mistaken about.  Jewel may wear her 'ditziness' on the surface, but deep down, she's a woman who knows who she is and what are her entitlements - as a princess!  And isn't every woman a princess, after all?

Jewel's personality leaps off the pages of this book and makes you smile.  Thanks for the smile, Jewel!  Live long and prosper!